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Well, Kent is getting pounded by Kansas (who scheduled three games in 4 days aganst top 30 teams???) so I may as well respond to your post (I knew I would strike a nerve!!!).

First the MAC does NOT have a football conference...oh...that's right, they do! :-)

I agree with the history of the A-10 before it expanded. We are talkng many years ago they had more than one or two strong teams in the same year. You have to go back to the U Mass - Temple glory years...and more recently possibly St Joe - Xavier teams.

But I am talking about the last 5 years (although they could have three strong teams by the end of the year).

I wonder how many sweet sixteen teams they have had other than Xavier (heck, including Xavier, the last 5 years?

Personally, I think you have the power six and then the next four or five which would include the MVC, A-10, WAC, MAC, Horizon, and possibly Conference USA and the CAA. Then you have everyone else.

Before you laugh off they MAC they are the #10 league for NBA players...ahead of the WAC, MVC, and Horizon.

Hmmmm....I love it when it is art and science...heavy on the art!!!!

All the best!

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