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A really great post. Sorry I put mine up after yours!

I agree with nearly every one of your predicitions but naturally I have a couple of comments. First, about St Joe's surprise!). If your best win out of the league all season has an RPI of 49, a league record of 9-9, and a top 100 record of 7-9, with not one impressive win out of conference, what is that?

St Joe's ends up with a low 40's RPI because the league is thought to be better than it is, so even when the teams beat each other it actually helps their rating. Their is no evidence based on the leagues out of conferences games. Sure wish that was the case in the CAA and the MAC! (Oh yeah, Miami also beat Xavier!)

I have an idea. Next year I think both the MAC and the CAA should declare that they are not Mid Major conferences and that they consider it an embarrassment to be thought of as such. Both conferences would probably move into the top 10!

Next, I disagree about Arizona State. With an RPI in the 80's if you take them you take Miami of Ohio! You just cannot do it.

I also do not think Villanova is in or Ohio State, but I do think Virginia Tech and believe it or not Dayton will be in. I am not certain about UMass, but even as I rant the A-10 could get four teams in (or two!).

Finally, I agree...let's go to Raleigh!

Dick Reardon

How can a low RPI (32) a stong strength of schedule and a good record vs top 100 (9-5) keep Dayton out of NCAA field? Should they be a number one in the NIT?

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