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DolFan 316

Just discovered this site recently, believe it or not, and it's one of my bookmarks now.

Now that the shameless flattery is out of the way I've picked Siena to beat Vandy as well, and Davidson to reach the Sweet 16. I can't bring myself to pick St. Mary's though, I just don;t get why people are so high on this team and I didn't get it in '05 either. Fun fact: 13 seeds have never gone winless in consecutive years and last year none of them won.

Butler is criminally underseeded and will beat the Vols to reach the Sweet 16, where I have them beating Louisville in most of my brackets, shades of '03.

You don't think Arizona's current active record of consecutive tournament appearances had anything to do with them getting in this year do you? So do I.

As far as this sudden outbreak of mid major matchups in the first round, I'm afraid that after the George Mason Incident, the committee will be *extremely* mid major unfriendly for a while when ironically we all thought at the time that GMU's run would do the opposite and give the mid majors more respect and open doors for them. Nope. You better believe a lot of people were embarrassed by that, and these people are determined not to let it happen again.

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