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Butler won the Great Alaska Shootout. A fun team to watch. When Marquette won two years ago with most of the same cast of characters they went to the final four. When Dwayne Wade was on their team and they won the Shootout they went to the Final Four. Most teams who win this tourney go far into the NCAA tournament. Check it out. Mind you, one of my kids attends Tennessee and so I am ever so hopeful Bruce Pearl comes through. I think that the Badgers, my alma mater got hosed. Maybe it is good they are under the radar. What do you think? My other kid attends Oregon. How did they get a nine seed? I love Tajuan Porter. And yet one other kid attends Marquette. Noone says much about them and I would like your opinion. Yes, I have taken this week off.


About St. Mary's: There are less students at this school than attend my kids school in Eagle River, Alaska. For a school of this size to beat a PAC10 team, not to mention to lose only five games is pretty impressive. Ohio St. has 45k students and is not in the dance.

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