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Jeff Hufnagle

Yeah, I totally smell a rat with the NIT selections and seeding. In my most recent "actual" post (not my picture), I ran down some of the schools who got in and who didn't.

This isn't the NIT of old, where more small conference representation came through. Just look who happened to grace that party...Wake Forest, Penn State, and Minnesota...all teams that just barely spilled over .500. Penn State's my biggest gripe, having only one quality road win, and they HOSTED Rutgers. What the heck? I was glad to see my alma mater shown to the door. They're not good, and after seeing the Big 10's performance in the tournament, neither was their conference. To think...all those schools that had 20+ wins and DIDN'T go to this thing.

That's why I'm not watching it. And...I think it's funny that when questioned about the suspicious nature of the seedings, the chair sounded like he was being provoked. It's a fair question, wouldn't you say, when there's absolutely no logic to the seedings and selections, considering RPI, and the overwhelming favoritism in large conference invites?

While I wish all the best to Missouri St. and ODU, I wash my hands of this travesty. I smell a rat, and I think there's something afoot, especially considering that the NIT was on the mothership, and the Women's Tournament was on the Deuce the other night.


Oh well. Consider this rant over. Hey, did you get my email?

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